The fun of backpacking

After having some incredible experience of exploring some of the most beautiful places in the UK, Ireland and dozens of places in India, the fun of backpacking has always added the flavour of an adventure enthusiast.

In Leeds, UK

Imagine the fun, no two days are going to be the same because in your backpacking trip you just go out for your next destination, and throw yourself into the outer world as it comes as oppose to a proper planned itinerary package which is fun because you are taking the control of your day in an unknown place.

A drive to Edinburgh in Scotland from Leeds- It was a white Christmas with a breath taking view

You will be setting up things as per your requirement all by yourself through friendships with locals, using your own judgements etc. Make no mistake this is exactly all about budget management, making the best of the limited resources and yet getting the most.

I think it is because of this backpacking concept; I was able to explore some of the most amazing forts, breath-taking landscapes of the UK, Northern Ireland and India without shelling a huge amount.

The advantages of backpacking- My top 3 picks

  1. I learnt about my relationship skills only after meeting people from different places in youth hostels, holiday homes and some of them ended up being my Facebook friends with regular contacts.
  2. I have certainly explored more places, histories, with less spending with an opportunity to save more for the next trip.
  3. Each time I faced something as an unusual habit or out of my comfort zone in any such trips, I had something to take way and look into it from different perspectives allowing me to learn to be more adaptable.

    The challenges

    While it is exciting, however like any other rewards there are some challenges worth considering when it comes to backpacking and some careful research about the planned destinations can be handy and safe.

    1. Safety- The world is full of strangers and the looks are deceptive, I better be a bit of detective at least at the initial contact keeping my eyes and ears open for any potential alarming cues.
    2. Privacy- I can’t compare my home with rest of the world. So, in shared accommodations sound sleep, toilets, private space are challenging. But again, I am saving bucks for my next trip if I manage this well.
    3. Self-Driven- Another key challenge is that I am responsible for my day and at the end of the day how much I see and explore will be completely depending on my effort rather than a planned trip advisor at my service.                                                                                                                                                                       Who should go for it?                                                                                               Well, nothing should come between you and your vacations while exploring the beautiful history, culture, and exotic locations and one of the simpler way of doing that is backpacking if you are budget conscious.

      Besides, if you are a young couple with no children yet, this is your best time to explore more as you know that things would be different when you will have accompanying kids.

      So,  I feel backpacking trip is for the people who are excited to be in an open forum of travellers with least bothered about the luxurious packages and always ready to make friends from people from all walks of life.

      Most importantly, it does not bomb your pocket, so that at the end of your trip you always have some money left to pick the best of the local souvenirs for your friends.

      In a Countryside Pub in Scotland with a fellow traveller

      My Overall experience

      Thanks to the budget travelling experience that while some of my friends preferred to read travelogues unless they found their time and resources to explore the exotic places, I chose to write about these places just by simple advance planning.

      165146_500546823449_468955_nIt is because of this wonderful experience I have had the opportunities to have the delicious gap from the hustle and bustle city life to re-energise and not to mention a good planning and enthusiasm won’t leave a whole in your pocket.

      In the countryside of North Yorkshire- Scarborough

      Remember, there is no bad time for any good thing, so just pack the bag and get ready to go somewhere because some of the best trips had no plan at all.

      In York behind  the York Minster

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