Exotic sea beaches of Maharashtra

When it comes to travelling and exploring, I live by one of my favourite quotes by Jaime Lyn Beatty which said: “job fills your pocket, adventures fill your soul”.

So, whenever I get an opportunity to explore the coastline of Maharashtra , I just get set as there’s nothing to beat the Konkan coastline in Maharashtra. There are many popular beaches in the Konkan coastline that certainly will offer a complete break from busy urban life with some of the breath-taking sights.

It is a 720 Km coastline stretch that comprises of all the coastal states of Maharashtra and most of these places can be reached within 8-10 hours of drive from Mumbai.

On top of everything else, if you enjoy long drive then again most of the roads of Konkan coastline are well maintained with picturesque surroundings that will make your entire journey more memorable. However, the Konkan states are well connected with the public transportation like luxury Volvo bus services and Konkan railways.

I love the long drive and explored all the places driving from hills to coastal lines. In this post, I will share my favourite top 4  exotic sea beaches of Konkan coastline in Maharashtra that rejuvenate my mind every time I go there.

  1. Kashid Beach- The best part is that from Mumbai it is located at just 130 km and a lot of travel experts have already written about the golden sands of this beautiful beach that stretch for nearly 5 km. 996065_10151806559308450_1188579934_n

There are many water sports available to spoil you with some choices.


So, what do you do after having some adventures and relaxing time when you start realising that it is  time to get some food. There won’t be many good options for lunch right on the beach or in the nearby area.  Nothing to worry.

Just at 15kms away further up in 30 minutes you will reach to Murud . There is a famous place which is more like open Dhava called Patil Kahanaval that is known for homely seafood as well as other vegetable thalis. Although, it may not be that great but I found it one of the best options at least in terms of fresh foods.


I did not find many options for accommodations near Kashid beach except the one big resort called Prakruti resort which anyways is quite expensive for 2 days ( Approx Rs 17,000  for Sat & Sunday). If you must stay back, then I would recommend looking for options in Alibagh  town that would offer more economical and value for money.

I had been to kashid 4 times and each time I reached there by 11 am and started back from the beach around 7pm and reached Mumbai around 10 pm. Once I stayed back in Alibagh which is just 30-40 minutes’ drive from kashid.

2. Velneshwar Beach

From Mumbai,  it is about 7 hours drive with a distance of Approx 370 Km. Since this place is not been commercialised yet, the beach is an ideal water spot that offers the beauty of nature. Unlike the other coastline of Konkan the sand of Velneshwar beach is of white colour surrounded by the tall coconut trees and betel nut trees.


Food and Accommodation:  There are 3-4 places near by the beaches where you can enjoy some special sea foods. However, when it comes to a relaxing stay I couldn’t find anything better than the MTDC resort which is located on a hillock and it is because of this strategic location once can get the best of the views which will make the stay even more delightful.


MTDC Beach Resort at Velneshwar

The morning views are indeed serene and unspoilt in this less explored hidden gem



I have found the rates of the food  at the MTDC are also reasonable. On the downside, the service may be little slow from the staff but again that is negligible as you would be busy to capture your own memory in this picturesque surrounding.


Word of caution, the MTDC bookings run out faster and therefore it is advisable to book it online well in advance should you choose to stay there.

 3. Guhaghar Beach

Guhaghar beach is situated just 16 KMs away from Velneshwar, so we decided to explore this beautiful beach the very next morning.

Guhaghar Beach

As you can see from the pictures here the beach is spread in 7-8 km which are the longest stretch amongst the Konkan beaches and you get the privileged feeling of being in a private yet in a safe place.

As you travel parallel to the seashore, you will pass through the tiny village houses that are nicely decorated with various patterns of the rangoli of various kind.


Guhaghar is also quite famous for Konkani cuisine and it is also known as the hub for exporting tropical fruits like Alphonso mango, coconut, betel nut, cashew and jackfruit.

4. The last but my most favourite  Ganapatipule

I completely agree with the endorsement of MTDC publishing that described Ganapatipule beach as “sparkling blue water, with endless stretches of silver sand ,  blessed with natural and pristine considered as one of the virgin beaches of India.


Food and Accommodation:

The in-house restaurant Tarang has got many options including the bar. Again, full marks to MTDC resort for beautifully maintaining this property and I really felt it was real value for the money. I stayed at the Konkan hut for a night and the sound of the waves in the night was an experience that can only be felt more than the words.

The Traditional Konkan Hut at MTDC

The remaining 2 days I stayed in the sea facing AC rooms again each day was worth of staying because of the location of MTDC resort which is right on the sea shore.


There are few other resorts in the nearby area that are a bit more expensive but with great amenities and in-house facilities.As this place is also very popular for a strong presence of spirituality, there are many budget accommodations available within the nearby area.

However, I would rate MTDC higher because of its location right on the seashore and just next to the famous lord Ganesha temple and this is the best MTDC property and services so far I have experienced amongst the chain of MTDC.


Things to Do

  1. The Prachin (Ancient) Konkan Museum will take you through the lifestyle of the locals with some fascinating story. This place will also give you an opportunity to explore the historical moments and the mesmerizing green surrounding which is a treat for bird watchers as the trees of the museum are home to many species of the birds.


2. The Swayambhu Ganapati Temple (  Swayambhu  means a self-originated idol, Ganapati)

It is one of the ‘Ashta Ganapatis‘ (eight Ganpatis) of India and is known as ‘Paschim Dwar Dewata’ (Western Sentinel God).



Swayambhu Ganapati Temple, right on the beach next to MTDC Resort

3. A drive through Arrey Warrey Road to Ratnagiri

This coastal Highway is the road which runs parallel to the coast, having beaches which are unexplored and untouched, passing by the temples adjoining the sea,will surely be an experience of its kind.


As you drive through this picturesque zig-zag road, you will be amazed by the beauty



After the fun filled day out, again it will be a treat back at the MTDC resort to relax and watch the sunset right from the pristine beach just down the step of your MTDC resort or from the huge balcony of your sea view room.


You may also wish to play with the kids/ friends/ or your partner while exploring some interesting spots on the beach


So, whether you plan for  a romantic holiday,  family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, there are great choices to spoil you from every aspect from the exotic sea beaches of Maharashtra. All you need is a passion filled with adventures to fill your soul because

“job fills your pocket, adventures fill your soul”.






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