Day 1- in glorious Udaipur

It was really a shame that all these years I have not been able to visit this magnificent city and was deprived of the experience of recollects of a heroic past, courage, and on top of everything a fascinating combination of Rajput military architecture and Mughal-style embroidery. This white city is referred as the venice of east.

Well, it is better late than never and finally along with my wife and 14 months little angel we managed to book a holiday in Udaipur from 29th Feb- till 3rd March.

If you wish to slow down a bit  to get carried away  then you will not be disappointed with the  Mewari architecture that can be seen all around wherein a visitor  can get a very relaxing and regal haveli atmosphere and style.




Day 1 – Around the Pichola Lake 

We checked in at Jagat Niwas at 9:30 and after a grand breakfast we were set to explore the surrounding. Meanwhile eagerly waiting for the other members of the family to join us from Delhi.

While walking down the crooked streets through the bustle of its ancient bazaars, I had a refreshing memory of 2012 when I was walking down the Shambles in York in the UK.

Although the comparison may not be completely justifiable but in terms of the feeling of an old-fashioned traditional market, the lively arts gallery, the  street full of western travellers with beautiful smile has certainly made this walk worth.

Suddenly the mobile rang… and the other family members already checked in, my wife was double excited as it was her parents, elder sister and her husband to join us in this excursion.

So, this time while returning to the hotel I could not match the pace of walking with my wife for obvious reason.


Just outside the Jagat Niwas Palace at Lal ghat at 9:30 am
At the steps of Jagdish Temple

The Sunset boating on Lake Pichola

During this time of the year the sun sets around 18:20 Indian Time and I was lucky to manage 6 tickets as we wanted to cover this cruise on the day 1 to get the best out of our day 1.

The picturesque landmarks of Ghats ( Photo courtesy : Thomas Cook)


As we approached towards the Gangur Ghat we were mesmerised by the splendid sights on Lake Picholas island the more you see the more you get excited about the grand palaces like this one- The Jag Niwas which is now known as the Lake Palace.

The Lake Palace

There are various rates for the boating, however, we got on a group tour which had cost Rs 250 per person with approx 15 tourists on board. On top of the beautiful sunset view and the scenic boat ride  another added advantage was that by now we had explored the ghats and the nearby attractions with a bit of idea for the next morning head start. At 18:45 we were back on shore.


Bagore Ki Haveli

I will not touch on the history of this Palace to save some time and maintain the word limit for the purpose of information only. It was built in 18th century. There are 138 rooms around the courtyards which is now used as museum for cultural displays, the collection of  ancient Udaipur photos followed by some fantastic collection of world famous monuments.

Unfortunately by the end of the show, my mobile was completely dead leaving me helpless to get some of those pics. Thank god that I have got the pics of the live performances though. So let me share the live performance to give you an idea about this place.

The excited and amused audience
Energetic , colourful costumes- A Rajasthani folk dance by the Dharohar dance group

This show is not only about dance and music rather the short narration by the host in between gives you a complete understanding of the background of each tradition that takes you along with the flow of the show.

The show wrapped up with the final performance of Bhavai folk dance which is an exceptional balancing skills by an elderly lady who must be at the age of 55-60 but what an energy she had. The entire surrounding was echoed with the big round of applause and standing  ovation for couple of seconds after she finished with final namaste. Here she comes :

The popular folk dance Bhavai- an exceptional balancing skills

End of the day 

Thus, we concluded the first evening in a melodious mood and already fell in love with the place. I realised on my way back to hotel that with the illuminating lights the pretty palaces and the nearby areas become more gorgeous .

I felt like during the day with bright sunshine these palaces are like pretty young lady without any makeup and you just can’t keep your eyes away.

On the other hand, with the romantic moonlight the same turns like an elegantly dressed up bride whose beauty is difficult to express in words but a treat to eyes to witness the way she flaunts her grandeur.

The journey to be continued :

The next blog will continue with the much waited excursion to  the history of heroism and sacrifice of the Rajput culture and values of Chittorgarh fort followed by  the birth place of great warrior Maharana Pratap- Kumbhalgarh fort.



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